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Your pregnancy in your hands

Pregnancy is always a special time and usually a time of joy, lots of emotions, and lots of questions. As a health care provider, you try to provide the best possible guidance to pregnant women throughout the pregnancy. Important here is that pregnant women receive unambiguous information appropriate to their situation. ZwApp+ helps with that.

ZwApp+ is an app developed together with healthcare providers, which provides pregnant women with reliable information appropriate to their profile and the time of pregnancy or maternity.

The unified provision of information in the region supports Integrated Birth Care.

All the information needed

As primary and secondary care providers, you know what information is important and relevant at specific times during pregnancy. Therefore, you fill ZwApp+ yourself with expert information aligned with the regional protocols within the Obstetric Cooperation Association. This information may include articles, videos and links to other important sites.

Because the pregnant woman is better informed in advance, consultations are more efficient. Also, they can read this information again at any time, making it better absorbed.

My overview

In ZwApp+, users will find a diary in which they can keep track of their own weight, mood, blood pressure, and first life. They can also make their own notes and add their own photos.

It is possible to further expand or modify this part of ZwApp+ upon request. Please contact us for this.

Parents will also find messages and articles from the care pathway that have not yet been read at the top of the screen.

The timeline

To guide pregnant women step-by-step, care pathways can be created. You fill these care pathways yourself with messages, articles and health cards appropriate to the time of pregnancy. This allows you to provide pregnant women with person-centered information throughout the pregnancy. This customization ensures that ZwApp+ fits with your population.

These care pathways are displayed for the user in the timeline. This creates an organized diary of all events and messages for the user that can be saved for reference.


The development of weight, mood, and blood pressure are displayed in clear graphs. This allows pregnant women to track its development themselves.

It is also possible for a healthcare provider to view data remotely. Interested? Then contact us.


The ‘More’ menu allows users to create a birth plan. This plan can be shared via e-mail. Also, the user can find details of their healthcare providers such as VSV or hospital in the ‘More’ menu.

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