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Although the information on this site is displayed as current as possible, no rights can be derived from it. We take the utmost care to make and maintain the content of this website as current, accessible, correct and complete as possible. Synappz assumes no responsibility for the incorrect use of the information provided, misinterpretation of the texts or their accuracy.

Of course, we appreciate it if you report perceived incompleteness and/or inaccuracies to us ( ).

Personal data protection / website security

Synappz Medical Apps considers the protection of your personal data to be an important matter. Any information collected about users’ visits to the website is used in anonymous form to support technical decisions and statistical processing, but can never be traced back to individual persons. We use any information you provide personally only for the purpose of handling your information request, inquiry or response.


This website may contain some references (links) to third-party websites. These links are beyond the control of Synappz and therefore can never be held responsible for the content of third-party websites.

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