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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a pregnant woman need to create an account?

When creating an account, a number of questions are asked. These questions determine which care pathway the pregnant woman enters. Thus, in addition to standard information, they are shown information that is specifically important to them.

As healthcare providers, can we manage our own articles and videos?

Yes. Articles, videos and any posts can easily be added, modified or deleted. You can also arrange the topics in the app’s library as you see fit.

What happens to my data?

Only the pregnant woman can view the data entered and determine whether to share it via e-mail.

Can the timeline with all messages be saved or printed?

On the timeline of ZwApp+, everything comes together; everyting that was entered by the pregnant woman such as weight, photos and own notes.

The user can share the timeline at any time, and will receive a PDF summary of all events via email for reference.

Who is Synappz?

Synappz is the developer of ZwApp+.

Is your question about ZwApp+ not here?

Is your question not listed? Then contact us.

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