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In a high-risk pregnancy, the mother suffers at the onset or throughout the pregnancy from a disease that could potentially lead to complications for both mother and child.  Examples include high blood pressure, diabetes or high BMI. Frequent and medical check-ups are then necessary. 

PregnaPro is a digital platform for home monitoring of high-risk pregnant women. This is less stressful for the pregnant, and can lead to fewer admissions and lower costs.

PregnaPro consists of 2 components:


Portal for hospitals

In the portal for hospitals, healthcare providers can invite pregnant women, create care pathways, manage information, and monitor data in case of home monitoring.

  • Managing articles and videos in the Content Management System 
  • Creating, one-off care pathways for step-by-step relevant information for pregnant women. A care pathway consists of a chronological timeline collecting specific data from the pregnant woman, and shares step-by-step relevant information and supportive messages. 
  • Inviting pregnant women into a specific care pathway with prefilled relevant information and messages e.g. ‘Remote monitoring high blood pressure’. It is even possible to invite a pregnant woman in multiple care pathways at the same time, or create pathways for the maternity period. 
  • Remote monitoring of specific data ( e.g. blood pressure, questionnaires, nausea, pain, weight).

App for women

PregnaPro offers women the tools to keep track of relevant data, fill in questionnaires, read relevant information, receive notifications and feedback, and fill in a birth plan.

My overview

At the top of the screen, pregnant women are virtually coached to read articles, messages or do tasks for that day. This has been predefined in the one-off care pathway in the hospital.

  • Depending on the type of care pathway, women can keep track of blood pressure, glucose, complaint questionnaires, hard bellies, movements, pain, weight, nausea, etc. This section can easily be expanded with questionnaires or other relevant parameters for home monitoring. 
  • PregnaPro can easily be connected to various CE devices such as a blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, scale, etc.
  • Feedback from the health care provider’s assessment of the CTG.
  • Add own photos and personal memories to create a memorable diary.


The specific clinical care pathway guides the pregnant woman step-by-step through the pregnancy. Multiple care pathways at the same time are possible.

The care pathway timeline shows items in chronological order:

  • The articles and messages that are relevant to their specific care path. 
  • All items filled-in by themselves in their overview.
  • The progress of the pregnancy. 

Overall, the timeline creates a valuable diary with memorable events that can be exported, saved, or printed, and kept for later. 


The development of blood pressure, weight, movement and any other overview items are displayed in clear graphs. That way the pregnant woman can keep track of the development herself and is more involved in the care. This can help to reassure her.


In the library the pregnant woman will find all educational information like relevant articles and videos. During a consultation, the healthcare provider can refer to this information. In this way pregnant women can read back all of the information in their own time or search for new information themselves. 


In the ‘more menu’ the pregnant woman will find all information not directly related to the care of the child. It contains a GDPR overview, connected devices, all hospital appointments in one overview and a birthplan. 

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